It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to St. Mary's High School. You and your sons are about to experience an exciting and novel approach to education-an approach to education that has resulted in much success and recognition during the last few school years.

  • St. Mary's High School received extraordinary recognition in October 2010 during our accreditation visit. Our next visit will be in the Fall of 2014.  We hope the visiting team will find that we have not settled and have continued to improve.
  • Several St. Mary’s faculty and staff have been recognized for their accomplishments in the past 3 years alone including Valerie Todd, Michelle Klimpel, Kevin Hacker, Fr. Mitch, Elizabeth Human, Jennifer Sykora, Kris Ranciglio and Melissa Griffin.
  • St. Mary's teachers are featured in nationally recognized education books regarding how they have implemented high yield strategies resulting in gains in achievement.
  • Over 75 teachers from 20 elementary schools have participated in either St. Mary's workshops led by Jane E. Pollock or have observed our teachers to learn more about our Professional Learning Teams and teaching and learning strategies.

If you choose St. Mary's, with your support as parents, working in conjunction with our highly experienced and talented faculty, your son will begin his journey of preparation to become contributing members of not only the St. Louis community, but of the global community. In order to thrive in the twenty-first century and beyond, he will learn a variety of world views, will develop exemplary character and emotional intelligence, maximize his potential in all academic areas and become a young man of strong faith and commitment to serving others. The strategies and technologies that will assist him in his growth are varied and numerous at St. Mary's. Our student-centered curriculum is constructed to take advantage of brain-compatible learning to help your son succeed. Coursework is designed to address the total development of your son-physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Be assured, we continue to strive for ways to improve our programs in order to best serve each student. Whether you already attend St. Mary’s or are exploring enrollment, I commend you for your consideration in St. Mary's High School. Our commitment to our Marianist heritage combined with our rigorous academic program continues to prepare students for success, not only in college, but for life.


Jane Goff
Associate Principal


Extraordinary Recognition

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St. Mary's Academics

Teaching to the Brains of Boys

A Marianist Education

Catholic High School serving young men in the Marianist tradition.

Characteristics of Marianist Education (CME):

  • Educate for formation in faith
  • Provide an integral, quality education
  • Educate in family spirit
  • Educate for service, justice and peace
  • Educate for adaptation and change

Quick Facts

  • St. Mary’s requires 29 credits for graduation and offers 49 hours of college credit.
  • Honors courses are available at all grade levels.
  • The student teacher ratio is 12/1.
  • Students have an opportunity to meet one on one with teachers 4 days a week during Academic Lab.
  • St. Mary’s teachers provide free tutoring every day for an hour before and after school in the MRC.
  • The faculty meets in weekly professional learning teams (PLT’s).
  • St. Mary’s college acceptance rate is 100%.
  • St. Mary’s students have access to real world experiences through various partnerships.

“St. Mary's teaches boys to open their minds and become the top of their class...not because St. Mary's is easy but because it is structured for boys to learn."  - Parent of a graduate of the Class of 2013.