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    If you are a prospective student or parent who would like to receive more information about St. Mary's High School or have a question for the Admissions Director, please complete this form. View form

  • Why St Marys 2016

    Why St. Mary's?

    St. Mary's High School understands boys and how they learn. The student-centered curriculum is constructed to take advantage of brain-compatible learning to help students succeed. Read more

  • Application Process

    Application Process

    How to become a student at St. Mary's High School. Read more

  • Important Dates

    Important Dates

    A list of important dates for students and parents. Read more

  • Shadow Program & Tours

    In order to experience our family atmosphere, it is important for prospective students and parents to visit the school, meet students and talk to teachers. St. Mary’s shadow program is one way for students to experience what it is like to be a part of the St. Mary’s family. Read more

  • Tuition Assistance Source

    Tuition Assistance

    St. Mary’s High School believes quality Catholic education should be within reach of all families. That is why St. Mary's commits 10% of the annual budget, over $400,000 a year, to tuition assistance. More than 1/2 of students receive some form of assistance. In addition, St. Mary's High School continues to be the most affordable and accessible all-boys Catholic High School in the St. Louis Area. Read more

  • Scholarship

    Scholarship Information

    St. Mary’s High School offers a variety of scholarships for incoming students These scholarships are based on the Characteristics of Marianist Education and embody what we believe St. Mary's Men are:    Read more

  • Transition Programs Admissions

    Transition Programs

    The St. Mary’s High School Bridge Program is comprised of three courses designed to assist students with sharpening skills needed for a successful high school experience. Read more

  • student life

    Student Life

    St. Mary's High School knows the more involved a student becomes the more likely he will succeed. Students who are involved in a variety of activities learn how to manage their time and do better in the classroom. Read more