Hall of Fame

St. Mary's High School began inducting alumni into the Hall of Fame in 1993. Below is a list of those inductees and a link to the banners that hang prominently in the St. Mary's High School Gymnasium.

1993 Inductees: Banner
1969-70 Soccer Team
Louis J. McKenna, '48
Valentine L. Pelizzaro, '51
Robert Rumping, '55
Gregory J. Divis Sr., '58
Robert E. Robben, '62
Vincent A. DeGreef, '64
Robert Matteson, '70
Thomas M. Garavaglia Jr., '72
Coach Vern Winter
Dennis P Long, '53 Dragon Leadership Award
Bro. William R. Kennealy, S.M., '41 Meritorious Service Award

1994 Inductees: Banner
1971 Football Team
Robert G. Brunette, '45
Carl Bellers, '47
Thomas Ahrens, '55
Lawrence J. Gazall, '56
Thomas H. Carter, '61
David J. Wobbe, '66
Donald L. Ries, '70
Keith A. Meyer, '80
Coach Edward Perniciaro, Sr., '55
Joseph J. Kramer, '62 Meritorious Service Award

1995 Inductees: Banner
1941-42 Basketball Team
Carl C. Sinovic, '44
Floyd J. Lahay, '44
John A Kadlec, '46
Joseph Gummersbach, '55
Joseph H. Wessels, '67
Gregory T. Fairchild, '72
Jeffery R. Campbell, '81
Stephen W. Thurmer, '82
Coach Fred A. Hoyt, '50
Bro. John Haug, S.M. Dragon Leadership Award
Robert E. Kresko, '52 Meritorious Service Award

1996 Inductees: Banner
1955 Football Team
Harold J. Travis, '39
David E. Gudermuth, '44
Joseph F. Lyles, '47
James H. O'Reilly, '52
Fred W. Weisel Jr., '54
Donald J. Johnson, '68
Michael W. Murphy, '75
Daniel T. Murphy, '76
John A. Oberlohr, '57 Meritorious Service Award

1998 Inductees: Banner
1961 Football Team
Joseph J. Wehrle, '42
Robert J. Schillinger, '52
Richard H. Mueth, '56
Gerald Everding, '57
David C. Robben, '60
Kenneth M. Lehrmann, '68
James Bokern, '70
Ronald W. Suda, '74
Coach Jim Donley

2000 Inductees: Banner
1966-67 Basketball Team
Frank J. McFarland, '44
William F. Soukup, '48
Richard H. Meisemann, '51
Charles D. Schmitt, '54
Dennis W. Corcoran, '59
Walter R. Dawson, '62
Michael F. Robben, 64
James R. Guttmann, '70
Mark C. Wilbers, '78
Patrick J. McGauley, '79
Thomas R. Madden, '85
Timothy Divis Sr., '63 Meritorious Service Award

2002 Inductees: Banner
1950 Baseball Team
Donald C. Franke, '50
Anthony J. Vierling, '51
Douglas L. Pott, '54
Joseph A Fiorino, '59
James V. Rotermund, '65
Dennis D. Werner, '70
Robert G. Furrer, '72
Joseph M. Lackner, '80
David Boncek, '81
Thomas E. Rolf, '56 Meritorious Service Award

2004 Inductees: Banner
1975-1976 Basketball Team
Joseph A Green, '45
Donald J. Winkler, '53
Henry C. Midden, '56
Michael C. Christanell, '63
Thomas W. Kreft, '65
Michael Auterman, '69
Dennis Vaninger, '70
Gregory Divis Jr., '84
Mark A. Clark, '86
William J. Schicker, '52 Meritorious Service Award

2007 Inductees: Banner
1955-56 Soccer Team
Kevin Missey, '70
David J. Paddock, '82
David Bozdeck, '84
Jeff S. Robben, '84
Joseph R. Divis, '88
Mark V. DeGreeff, '88
James C. Conrads, '37 Meritorious Service Award
Roy "Duffy" Morton, '53 Meritorious Service Award

2010 Inductees: Banner
1957 Football Team
Joseph Garagiola, '43
Richard (Dick) Armbruster, '48
Robert Radomski, '48
Daniel R. Ketcherside, '66
Joe Plassmeyer, '80
James J. Robben, 87
Richard L. Mullen, '91
Marquis Williams, '93
Martin L. Duggan, '38 Meritorious Service Award
Frank J. Bommarito, '52 Meritorious Service Award

2012 Inductees: Banner
1995 State Championship Soccer Team
Bill Godefroid, Coach
Ed Barry '48
Ken Gabel '66
Frank Flesch '71
Don Buehler '74
Tim Berra '81
John Tajkowski '87
Tony Davis '91
Fred Wessels '64, Meritorious Service
Lynn Barnett '66, Meritorious Service

2014 Inductees: Banner
Francis Sohm, Coach
Stan Kostecki, '56
Bill Marstall, '67
Bob Giegling, '81
Jeff Mueth, '81
Robert Dudley, '83
Chris Divis, '90
Joe Dressel, '92
Nick Bokern, '96
Ed Auer,  '41, Meritorious Service
Mike Lowe '73, Meritorious Service

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