Parent's Skyward Login

Skyward Family and Student Access allows parents and guardians to track and monitor all aspects of their son at St. Mary's. Primarily, parents use it to monitor their son's grades and assignments. But Family Access also allows parents to monitor demographic information, grade books from each enrolled class, attendance, current schedule, academic history and more.

Skyward Login

Parent Testimonials

"St. Mary's teaches boys to open their minds and become the top of their class...not because St. Mary's is easy but because it is structured for boys to learn." - Parent of a son, Class of 2013

"I have put both of my sons through St. Mary's. What I have discovered is that St. Mary's is an academically strong college prep high school. More importantly, St. Mary's educators and staff reach out to each young man to customize an educational program that is right for him. When you add in the Marianist values, the service projects and the extracurricular activities you end up with a very well rounded young man who is prepared to meet his next challenge in life."- Bob Lilly, Parent of Rob '09 and Ryan '11