Faculty / Staff Directory

Staff Blessing at the 2021 Baccalaureate Mass
Albin, Katie
 Dean, Student Activities
Leadership Program
123 Email Katie
Alasady, Yahya
 208 Email Yahya
Altman, Robert
302 Email Bob
Bianchi, Christina
 Special Events Coordinator
116 Email Christina
Bobbitt, John
Practical Arts / 
 404 Email John
Bommarito, Billy
 Director, Campus Ministry
192 Email Billy
Buechter, Kenn
 Social Sciences
Email Kenn
Carel, Sam
Director, Admissions
 110 Email Sam
Cervantes, Imelda
Email Imelda
Cook, Nick
 204 Email Nick
Dattoli, Tony
Director, Athletics
 162 Email Tony
Divis, Joe
 Director, Advancement
112 Email Joe
Divis, Larreta
305 Email Larreta
Dowd, Jim
214 Email Jim
Edwards, DeAngela
191 Email DeAngela
England, Mike
 122 Email Mike
Evans, Breon
107 Email Breon
Fanning, Monica
Dean, Academics
Learning Consultant
 305 Email Monica
Ferguson, Stephanie
 Social Studies
 106 Email Stepanie
Goff, Jane
 Learning Consultant
 305 Email Jane
Green, Joe
 Dean of Students
306 Email Joe
Guelker, Julie
 STAR Program
 206 Email Julie
Guenther, Mary
 Development Manager
 184 Email Mary
Hacker, Kevin  History  221 Email Kevin
Harden, Kate  Registrar  102 Email Kate
Hardesty, Lynn  Science  215 Email Lynn
Heideman, Chris  Mathematics   223 Email Chris
Hendrix, Jessica  Science  217 Email Jessica
Horn, Michael  Theology  104 Email Michael
Hoyt, Julie  Spanish  105 Email Julie
Klimpel, Michelle  Dean, Academics
Social Studies
 108 Email Michelle
Kurkowski, Amy  Business & Tuition Manager
Human Resources
 124 Email Amy
Lanemann, Scott  Dean of Students
History / Golf
 202 Email Scott
Marty, Cheryl  Director, External Relations  126 Email Cheryl
Meehan, Ali English 210 Email Ali
Miller, Joe  History / Theology  205 Email Joe
Minner, David  Sports Performance   Email Dave
Orechwa, Nina  English  212 Email Nina
Perry, Jermar Director, MUSP  201 Email Jermar
Polette, Luann  Reception  190 Email Luann
Ranciglio, Kris  Dean, Academics
 213 Email Kris
Reynolds, Ryan  Director, Facilities  125 Email Ryan
Robinson, Alisha  Mathematics  218 Email Alisha
Runiewicz, Jennifer  Theology  220 Email Jennifer
Schnorbus, Donald  Mathematics  209 Email Don
Short, Alex  Social Studies
STAR Program
Email Alex
Sorgea, Dawn  Digital Arts / Fine Arts  222 Email Dawn
Todd, Valerie  Principal  101 Email Valerie
Turner, Bryan  Assistant Director, Athletics
Practical Arts / Basketball
 401 Email Bryan
Turner, Ken  Physical Education
 211 Email Ken
Wegman, Carrie  College & Career Counselor  303 Email Carrie
Dean of Students Office First Floor  111  
Southside Legacy Shop First Floor  109  

St. Mary’s is becoming viewed by national education leaders as a model school implementing best practices in professional development. As a result, many teachers and administrators from the St. Louis area visit our school to observe our teachers and their amazing work.
  • Principal Valerie Todd received the 2013 Cardinal Raymond L. Burke Teacher Recognition Award which recognizes Catholic teachers for outstanding service and performance.

  • Law and Global Studies Teacher Michelle Klimpel received the 2012 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award. 

  • Science Teacher Kris Ranciglio received the Shining Star Award in 2011.

  • Special Education Teacher Julie Guelker received a 2020 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award.