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St. Mary’s High School believes quality Catholic education should be within reach of all families. That is why St. Mary's commits 10% of the annual budget, over $500,000 a year, to tuition assistance. More than 65% of students receive some form of assistance. In addition, St. Mary's High School continues to be the most affordable and accessible all-boys Catholic High School in the St. Louis Area.


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To apply for the following tuition assistance programs, submit an online or paper application through the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Service. Tuition assistance is awarded for one year only. Families in need of assistance should apply each school year by March 15th. **NOTE: If you apply and are accepted to St. Mary's High School after March 15 and would like tuition assistance, please complete the FACTS application anyway. St. Mary's must receive a FACTS application from any family needing assistance in order to process requests.
  • Catholic Family Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund (CFTA): This money is available as a result of the "Returning God's Gift" Campaign.  Applicants must be Catholic and must be registered at the parish.  Students must be Catholic and attend a Catholic Archdiocesan or Parochial Elementary School or an Archdiocesan or Parochial High School. Private Elementary and Private High Schools are not eligible.  Apply online at by March 15th.

  • Parish Employee Endowment Fund (PEEF):  This money is available through the generosity of an anonymous donor.  Applicants must be employed by a Catholic Parish and work 1000 hours or more during a fiscal year.  Students must attend a Catholic Archdiocesan or Parochial Elementary School or an Archdiocesan or Parochial High School.  Private Elementary and Private High Schools are not eligible.  Applications must be obtained from the pastor of the parish where the applicant is employed.  Applicants do not have to be Catholic in order to apply. Apply online at by March 15th.

  • Secondary School Tuition Grants:  The Board of Catholic Education established a tuition-reduction arrangement as a special benefit for elementary teachers to send their children to an Archdiocesan High School (Parochial and Private high schools are not included). This is for Teachers Principals and DRE's who have taught one or more years in one of our Catholic elementary schools.  Apply online at The deadline is May 1st for the next school year.  The teacher must have taught the year prior to the grant year and must work half time or more in order to be eligible. 

  • St. Mary's High School Tuition Assistance Fund: Money available to families through the generosity of St. Mary’s alumni and friends who have and continue to donate to the school to help families give their sons a Catholic Education at St. Mary's High School. St. Mary’s gives out over $500,000 in tuition assistance each year. Apply online at online.factsmgt.comby March 15th.

**Failure to submit all of the required information by the deadline date may result in your family not receiving financial aid or limit the amount given.


  • Marianist Scholarship: For brothers enrolled at St. Mary's High School during the same school year. This is $350.00 per brother for the 2018-2019 school year. 

  • Family Plan Tuition: For families who have 2 or more children in the Archdiocesan High Schools (AHS). Tuition is reduced for each additional child attending an AHS during the same year. The children do NOT have to attend the same school.

    • $200.00 discount given to the 2nd child in the family attending an AHS.

    • $800.00 discount given to the 3rd child in the family attending an AHS.

    • Total tuition minus the $340.00 Registration fee to the 4th child in the family attending an AHS.


  • March 15th: FACTS Tuition Assistance Applications due 

  • May 1st: Notification of Families of Tuition Assistance monies received 

  • For more information on when tuition payments are due, please click here.


St. Mary's knows families may have a lot of questions about tuition and tuition assistance. Please contact the Tuition Manager, Mrs. Amy Kurkowski at 314-481-8400 ext.124 or at if you have further questions.