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Cross Country

2019 Cross Country Team   


Michael Horn - Head Coach
P: (314) 481-8400 ext. 104 

Chris Colona - Assistant Coach


Cross Country is a sport that allows every athlete the opportunity to compete in an athletic event, regardless of his ability. Each athlete can participate and compete with others and gauge success on an individual basis. No one is unworthy. No one is riding the bench. The only requirement for athletes is that they attend every practice to work hard and improve. All St. Mary's students are encouraged to join the team. It is a great way to stay fit, and as Coach Horn would say, "Running is an excellent way to commune with God and yourself."

Every athlete has a unique God-given ability. It is St. Mary's mission that all athletes grow through everyday experiences in the sport. Dedication, commitment, sacrifice, and teamwork are essential life skills that each young man will utilize throughout their lives.