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Queen of Hearts Raffle Every Monday

The real blessings at St. Mary's High School are the wonderful, talented, and thoughtful young men that walk the halls each day. Our student body has the most diverse population of any private Catholic school in the St. Louis region. It is not only ethnically diverse but culturally, socio-economically, religiously, and geographically. It's a school where students learn from and about each other and call each other brother. Our dedication to developing responsible young men who are prepared to live as contributing and successful members of society is more critical today than ever before. Our young men are the bright, bold leaders of tomorrow that will create better communities for our region.
Young Men of St. Mary's


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St. Mary's High School (SMHS) relies heavily upon the fundraising efforts of the St. Mary's High School Alumni Association (SMHSAA) to help provide an opportunity for many constituents to invest in the quality of a St. Mary's education. The vital revenues we receive are allocated as "value-added enhancements" that truly make a difference in classroom technology, teaching tools, and resources, athletics, and extracurricular activities that make St. Mary's the excellent school it is. Without this support, we would not be able to offer these young men the experience that SMHS families have grown to expect.

The SMHSAA Queen of Hearts Raffle invests in:

  • Scholarships
  • Curriculum Enhancements
    St. Mary's is a regional leader in brain-based curriculum development. We are committed to advancing an environment dedicated to delivering instruction that is high in quality, engaging, and results-driven. We are investing in innovative technology and educational tools that will propel our model of brain-based, hands-on, and experiential learning.
      • Online/Interactive Textbooks
      • Career Development Partnerships with colleges, tech schools, and corporations
  • Investing in our Teachers
      • Professional Development Opportunities
      • Consultants
  • Wish Lists
      • Maker Space
      • Online Classroom Testing Software
      • Online Learning Management System