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Giving Society and Clubs

Donors who make an Annual Fund gift at one of the Gift Society or Gift Club levels listed below receive special recognition and are listed in the yearly Annual Report.
Title Description Contribution Level
Guardians of the Mission Members are the philanthropic leaders for the St. Mary’s community. They make an investment in today’s St. Mary's students who will lead families and communities of tomorrow. They demonstrate their unstinting support for the mission of St. Mary's High School and the vision and work of its President. $15,000 and greater
Dragon Legacy Society Members are unwavering in their belief in St. Mary's mission and the positive effect value-based education has in the lives of today’s students, families and communities. These members reflect the Dragons' commitment to Catholic education—evident in the life of St. Mary’s alumni past, present and future. $10,000 to $14,999
Leadership Society Members are vested in the daily operation of St. Mary's High School and support how value-based education improves the quality of students’ lives. These members preserve the vision of the Marianists, of the Archdiocese and the colossal belief in the value of Catholic Education. $5,000 to $9,999
President’s Circle Members demonstrate their dedication, commitment and generosity by funding the ever-increasing need for professional development of staff and faculty that result in better and more prepared students of tomorrow.  $25,00 to $4,999  
Per Matrem Ad Filium Circle Members represent the base of St. Mary's supporters who chose to take an active partnership role in the school’s mission. The motto of the school is "Per Matrem ad Filium" -- Through the Mother to the Son $1,000 to $2,499
St. Mary’s Pride Club These individuals contribute substantially to the school's educational mission and goals. With their loyalty, commitment and support, there can be no limit to St. Mary's dreams and aspirations. The Pride Club membership shows a willingness and boastfulness in supporting St. Mary's High School. $500 to $999
Dragon Traditions Club The Dragon has always been a symbol of the spirit of St. Mary's High School. It embodies the notion of loyalty, enthusiasm, power, strength, courage, vitality and leadership. $300 to $499
Green and White Club The school proudly exhibits colors of green and white in the school crest and on team uniforms. Members of the Green and White Club show a willingness to support St. Mary's High School and their true Dragon spirit—the spirit of the green and white. $150 to $299
Dragon Fan Club St. Mary's is known for many things, but one of the most apparent is spirit. From students to faculty, alumni to parents, the St. Mary’s community shows spirit in all they do. This giving club recognizes one’s support of St. Mary's High School and the spirit of giving. $75.00 to $149.00
Young Alumni Club This level recognizes donors in this important entry level range. All donors at one time or another started at this level and without them the other levels could not exist. $25.00 to $74.00