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Transition Programs


Freshmen Orientation Program is St. Mary's 9th grade initiative to provide freshmen with greater continuity and support as they seek to identify who they will become in an adult world. This initiative helps our boys acclimate quickly to high school so they can become participating members of the St. Mary's family right away.


The St. Mary’s High School Bridge Program is comprised of three courses designed to assist students with sharpening skills needed for a successful high school experience. It also assists students with transitioning to high school by becoming familiar with the St. Mary’s environment, faculty and other students. This program provides support for students as they journey from elementary school into high school.

All courses are located at St. Mary's High School. The program is open to all incoming freshmen. Some are required to attend the Bridge Program and will be notified by mail when acceptance letters are sent.
  • Dates: Usually the last 3 full weeks in June
  • Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Cost: $325 per 3-week session (Session includes the three 1 hour courses. $100 per course and $25 for supplies: required freshmen portfolio & novel.)
  • Credit: Students will receive ½ elective credit for each course (total possible = 1 ½ elective credits)
For more information, please contact the St. Mary's High School Learning Consultant, Monica Fanning at 314-481-8400 ext. 305 or at [email protected]. Course Descriptions are below.

  • Topics Addressed:  Organization, Listening, Memory, Note-taking from a lecture and text, Test-taking and Homework
  • Course Description:  This 1-hour course will address ways to improve in the above areas by learning how to elicit a variety of strategies. Emphasis will be placed on the process of ACTIVE LEARNING in order to bring maximum understanding to the presented material.
  • Topics Addressed:  Basic Operations of Numbers and Mathematical Organization
  • Course Description:  This 1-hour course will deal with manipulations of fractions, decimals and signed numbers while applying mathematical organization
  • Topics Addressed:  Reading Comprehension and Reading Strategies
  • Course Description:  This course will address reading comprehension and other reading strategies utilizing the summer reading novel. This course will fulfill the summer reading requirement.