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Professional Learning Teams

Since 2006, the St. Mary's South Side Catholic Faculty has been collaborating in professional learning teams to improve instruction and student performance. These teams of faculty members follow a specific protocol that begins with a professional reading, then examining peer lesson/unit plans and ending with receiving or giving specific feedback that moves a good lesson/unit to a great one. St. Mary's South Side Catholic focus for the last several years has been translating the current brain research on gender (specifically, the male adolescent brain) and incorporating a differentiated approach to instruction to reach and teach every student in the school. St. Mary's South Side Catholic work with Jane E. Pollock has helped move us forward in both of these endeavors.

Dr. Pollock is a nationally recognized consultant who specializes in curriculum and instruction. She has co-authored Dimensions of Learning Teacher and Training Manuals (1996), Assessment, Grading and Record Keeping (1999) and Classroom Instruction That Works (2000). Her own works include Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time (2007) and Improving Student Learning One Principal at a Time (2009). Dr. Pollock is a member of ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) and an adjunct faculty member at various universities. She began consultant work with the faculty of St. Mary's High School in 2009.

St. Mary's South Side Catholic is viewed by national education leaders as a model school implementing best practices in professional development. Many teachers and educators from St. Louis and beyond have observed our teachers in action. In addition, several of our teachers have been featured in nationally recognized education books regarding how they have implemented high yield strategies resulting in gains in achievement.