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Technology in the Classroom

St. Mary’s South Side Catholic High School is committed to finding new ways to bring 21st Century Technology into the hands of students while keeping personal communication a top priority! In August of 2013, St. Mary's embarked on a new and innovative journey by introducing a One to One Device Program. One to One means each student will have a Chrome device to use in their classes and to take to and from home to complete their school work. 
St. Mary's South Side Catholic High School’s campus is wireless so students can access the network, work with a variety of software programs, email and print from anywhere. The four computer labs provide a place to gather, connect, and work together with technology if the nature of the lesson requires a larger space and more student access at the same time.

St. Mary’s South Side Catholic offers several technology courses, including Multimedia, Graphic Design, Business Technology, Computer Architectural Design, Robotics, and Computer Programming. Also, technology is incorporated into the regular classroom every day. Most classrooms are equipped with internet projectors and Integrate classroom instruction with virtual field trips, video conferencing, and electronic communication tools.

St. Mary's South Side Catholic High School faculty members also participate in technology training programs throughout the year to increase their effectiveness in the classroom. They have also participated in Apple Professional Development Workshops where they learned to create digital videos, podcasts, and interactive storybooks.