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College Credit and Honors Program

College Credit
St. Mary's South Side Catholic High School has taken advantage of the academic excellence offered by Saint Louis University to area high school students for many years. The 1818 College Credit Program introduces college-level expectations by challenging high school students to attempt a rigorous academic curriculum. Course offerings through 1818 Advanced College Credit (ACC) are offered primarily through the College of Arts and Sciences. All courses offered through 1818 ACC are also taught on campus at Saint Louis University and compared in course content, course prerequisites, and student expectations to the equivalent on-campus course.

Unlike many high schools in the area, St. Mary's South Side Catholic makes their 1818 courses available to every student who qualifies, even if adding an extra session or class. The school also offers college credit courses through Fontbonne University, St. Louis Community College, and Rankin Technical College, making the total hours of credit offered at 73. Juniors and seniors who maintain a 3.0 GPA and receive an endorsement from the principal are eligible to participate. 
1818 Program
Saint Louis University
Fontbonne University /
St. Louis Community College
Rankin Technical College

English Composition 12 hrs

Various Course Options 6 hrs

Dual Enrollment Courses offered 24 hrs

Analysis/Calculus 4 hrs



Biology 4 hrs


Chemistry 8 hrs


US History 6 hrs

Western Civilization 6 hrs    

Statistics 3 hrs


For more information on the 1818 program: 1818 Advanced College Credit Program – Saint Louis University

Honors Program
St. Mary's South Side Catholic High School offers honors courses at every grade level. Based on standard scores and previous report cards, freshmen may be placed in honors courses in math, science, English, and social studies. Students who have taken a high school algebra course in elementary school are allowed to test into geometry as a freshman. Students who maintain a 3.0 G.P.A. may continue in the St. Mary's South Side Catholic Honors Program with a teacher recommendation.