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$10,500 Tuition + $450 Tech Device Fee + $250 Registration Fee = $11,200 TOTAL

$10,500 Tuition + $250 Registration Fee = $10,750 TOTAL

$10,500 Tuition + $250 Registration Fee + $175 Senior Fee = $10,925 TOTAL

The fee for the STAR program is an additional $2,000.

Tuition includes all textbooks, workbooks, paperbacks, art class sketchpads, freshmen portfolios, online subscriptions, most field trips/transportation, and a Google Samsung Chromebook. There are a few athletic fees for student-athletes and a small graduation fee for senior year. Parents are responsible for uniforms, locks, notebooks, writing utensils, calculators, and other typical school supplies.

1. Tuition and fees are established every year in the spring. Parents/Guardians receive a letter announcing the following year’s rates. Tuition payments begin in July, preceding the start of the school year.

2. Each family can decide to pay tuition in one of three ways: 
    • Option 1: YEARLY — Single payment on or before June 30th with a 3% discount. Payments may be made through Blackbaud Tuition Management or directly to St. Mary’s.
    • Option 2: SEMESTER — Two payments due June 30th and November 30th with a $25 discount. Payments may be made through Blackbaud Tuition Management or directly to St. Mary’s.
    • Option 3: MONTHLY — Underclassmen: ten payments (July-April). Seniors: nine payments (July-Mar). Payments must be made through Blackbaud Tuition Management by the 20th of each month. A choice of payment dates and payment methods is available. 

3. Only students with current tuition, fees, and paid registration will be allowed to sit for exams, register for courses, and receive correspondence (i.e., the summer packet) regarding the following year.

4. Failure to keep tuition current within 30 days can result in withdrawal from St. Mary’s High School.

5. Tuition must be paid in full by April 30th. Failure to meet this commitment will require a meeting with the president before the student can attend classes the following semester. Seniors who owe tuition may be unable to participate in their graduation or receive a diploma or transcripts.

1. Course registration for current students begins in late January.
2. The $250 registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
3. Registration forms and fees are due in early February during Registration Week!
4. Dates for registration are on the school calendar.
5. Athletic fees are $150 per sport.

  • July 5th or July 20th - First Blackbaud Tuition Management payment due
  • 5th or 20th of every month - Blackbaud Tuition Management payment due