Student Life » Clubs


St. Mary's High School offers a variety of clubs for students. They are a great way to meet other students and get involved!

Clubs may differ from year to year based on student interest. Here are some of the clubs that have been active in the past few years. To get involved in an existing club, contact the moderator. If you don't see a club and would like to start one, just ask a teacher or an administrator! 
Bocce Mr. Andrew Shipp
Debate Mrs. Katie Albin
Digital Citizenship Mrs. Katie Albin
Dungeons & Dragons Mr. John Bobbitt
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) junior class moderators
FOCUS Youth Leadership  
Ice Hockey Ms. Jennifer Portell
Lacrosse Mr. Alex Short
Marianist Living in Faith Experience (LIFE) Community Mr. Mitch McCurren / Mr. Billy Bommarito
Math Mrs. Chris Heideman
Media Ms. Cheryl Marty
Paintball Mr. Ryan Reynolds 
Robotics Mr. John Bobbitt
Roller Hockey  Mr. Mike Wolf (coach and parent of an alum)
Rubik's Cube Mrs. Katie Albin
Scholar Bowl Mrs. Kris Ranciglio
Science Mrs. Kris Ranciglio / Ms. Jenny Bruns
SuperSmash Brothers Ultimate Game TBD
Theater Mr. Billy Bommarito / Ms. Nina Orechwa
Thirst Project Mrs. Julie Guelker / Ms. Stephanie Ferguson
Trading Card Game  
Yearbook Mr. Andrew Shipp