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Alumni Association Officers and Board Members

Members of the St. Mary's High School Alumni Association Board of Directors are elected by and represent the interests of Alumni Association members. Their main purpose is to advance the mission of St. Mary's by fostering communication among alumni.
  • Know the organization's mission, vision, goals, programs, services, and needs of
    St. Mary's High School.
  • Participate in alumni activities.
  • Serve on committees or projects.
  • Attend at least 80% of board/committee meetings, workshops, retreats, etc.
  • Assist with event needs (sponsorship, attendees, volunteers, etc.) to ensure their success.
  • Avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest that might embarrass the board or the organization and disclose any possible conflicts in a timely manner.
  • Exercise prudence with the board in the control and transfer of funds.
  • Be engaged and volunteer to mentor new board members
  • Serve as an ambassador for the St. Mary's High School Alumni Association and promote its mission in the community through activities such as:
    • Identifying individuals, business leaders, and civic organizations who might be interested in supporting our website
    • Nominating alumni as potential Board members.
    • Talking with alumni and local businesses about the good work of the association.
    • Learning more about the association's successes by reading the monthly newsletter and the annual Clarion, as well as information on school-specific programs (such as grants and scholarships) or events.
    • Creating avenues to connect with the school and the alumni association which may include lunches with president Mike England, speaking opportunities, adding names to the association mailing list, etc.
Directors and Officers - Previous
Lynn Barnett '66 PAST PRESIDENT
Jim Bokern '70
Mike Brotherton '76
John Crader '67
Jim Dauphin '67
Greg Divis '58
Gerry Everding '57
John Gabel '91
Ben Garavaglia '78
Pat Garland '67
Leo Garvin '61
Tim Goeke '72
Andrew Hannigan '02
Larry Held '71
Kevin Humphrey '71
Mike Lowe '73
Rich Morris '90
Curtis Polette '09
Tom Rolf '56
John Schmitt '73
Charlie Schwartz '96
Jerome Specker '03
Fred Wessels '64
2023 Executive Board of Directors
President - Tim Goeke '72
Vice President - John Gabel '91
Treasurer - Jeff Carter '94
Secretary - Danny Slay '67
Board of Directors - Emeritus
Tim Divis '63
Frank Flesch '71
Don Kozeny '53
Dennis Long '53
John McArthur '66
Rich Meismann '51
Mark Rolf '93
Bill Schicker '52
Rich Wagner '53