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Student Retreat Program

As a Christian, Catholic, Marianist school, we understand the importance of and need for spiritual growth. Our faith calls us to community and the ongoing formation, and our retreat program is a reflection of that. All student retreats are integral parts of the high school experience offered at St. Mary’s and are therefore mandatory. All costs for the retreat are included in student tuition and fees, so there is no additional cost to participate in this program. Because Kairos serves as the culmination of the retreat program, the themes from that retreat are echoed throughout the preceding retreats. All retreats are led by a team of students and faculty/staff. They offer special times to gather for small group discussions, interactive games and activities, meaningful reflections, and Marianist moments.

For more information, please contact the Director of Campus Ministry, Billy Bommarito, or (314) 481-8400 ext. 192.
Freshmen Retreat - New Beginnings
The retreat is mandatory for all freshmen and is one day off-campus. Led by upperclassmen, freshmen will engage in a series of small group discussions and activities designed to help them learn more about themselves, each other, and to recognize God in themselves and others.
Sophomore Retreat - Victus
The retreat is mandatory for all sophomores and is one extended day off-campus at Lake Williamson Christian Center. Led by a team of upperclassmen and Lake Center staff, the sophomores will participate in a series of small group discussions and activities, as well as a high ropes course, all designed to help them find the courage to let Jesus into their lives and hearts.
Junior Retreat - Verso L'Alto
The retreat is mandatory for all juniors and is one extended day off-campus. Led by a team of faculty and staff, this retreat is designed to help juniors listen to God’s call in their lives and to discern what God wants from them. This retreat is focused around diversity, human dignity, and Catholic Social Teaching.
Senior Retreat - Kairos
The retreat is mandatory for all seniors and is two and one-half days at Sojourn Christian Retreat Center. Kairos (an awakening; special moment) retreat allows students to see the value of Christian faith as it is lived and experienced in the community. It gives them the opportunity to look within themselves and find their true worth, and observe how this worth is reinforced in their relationships with God, their parents, and their neighbors. The retreat is led by a team of seniors and faculty/staff members and is offered twice a year. Seniors are required to attend one.