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Named Scholarship & Endowments

A Named Scholarship or Endowment Fund may be established in memory or honor of a particular person or persons. If the fund is set up as an endowment fund, the principal will remain untouched and the interest will be used as designated. If the fund is set-up as a scholarship fund, the principal will be awarded as outlined in the guidelines donors establish. Ideally, all scholarships and endowed scholarships would be need-based; however, donors may identify specific guidelines for the scholarship in terms of student's talent, characteristics or interests.

Endowments are permanently restricted, investment funds. A portion of the interest income from these funds is used to support a specific need. Current St. Mary’s High School endowments support need-based financial assistance for students, assist with academic and technology needs, provide professional development for faculty and staff and help with campus upkeep. To establish a named endowment or scholarship fund, the donor or family must make a commitment of at least $10,000. This may be paid at the time the fund is established or over a multi-year period of up to five years.

If you would like more information on our Named Scholarship or Endowment Funds, please contact, Hank Tajkowski at [email protected]