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National Honor Society


The National Honor Society of St. Mary’s High School is named the Chaminade Chapter. St. Mary’s takes pride in that great heritage and in the young men who are selected to be members of the Chaminade Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS). The purpose of the NHS is to be of service to the school. Its membership serves individually in many fields, and the entire membership is called upon for service from time to time.

The Selection Process
The selection process for the NHS involves a student demonstrating the four characteristics of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Students who are in sophomore and junior year and have a cumulative GPA at semester end of 3.5 and above are eligible to meet the scholarship requirements. Students who meet this requirement are notified by mail. Application and recommendation forms are available below or from the NHS Moderator.

NHS application, essay, and recommendation forms must be returned by the deadline (2016 deadline is April 30th), signed by the student and parent. It is important that the application be thorough. All three areas should have some entries. Parents and/or teachers may assist the student in assembling his application. It is important that it is an accurate representation of his accomplishments while in high school to that point.

After the application, essay and recommendation forms have been submitted, the Faculty Selection Committee meets to consider those applications received. The NHS moderator is a non-voting facilitator. No applications can be considered after the committee meeting. The Faculty Selection Committee examines the application for leadership, service, and character. These qualities are described in the application. The results of the selection process are reported to the Principal before any notification is mailed. Applicants are notified of the disposition of their application by letter in early June after final grades and service hours are calculated. The induction ceremony takes place at the beginning of the next school year.

Responsibilities and Duties for National Honor Society Members
The following five points sum up the duties of a NHS member. Parents and students are asked to sign a letter that these duties are understood and will be upheld. This letter is sent home as part of the acceptance process. The responsibilities and duties include:
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher
  • Be an excellent school citizen
  • Work at Graduation and Open House when appropriate
  • Active participation in school activities
  • Provide community service and/or tutoring
  • Attend NHS meetings
Election of National Honor Society Officers
The election of officers for the following academic year occurs late in the spring semester. NHS members meet and may self-nominate or nominate another for leadership. The top ten nominees are placed on a ballot. The next school day, an election is held. Graduating seniors do not vote. Those students with the top 3 votes become President, Vice-President, and Secretary.

Removals from National Honor Society
Removal of a student from the NHS is a rare occurrence. Circumstances that could lead to removal would involve serious misconduct, falling or failing grades or other circumstances injurious to the reputation of St. Mary's High School. Such action would be initiated by the moderator in consultation with the school administration. The student and his parents would be informed of this event.

A student puts his membership in the NHS at risk if his cumulative grade point average drops below 3.5 or he fails to participate in service opportunities. Students have their grades reviewed each semester. Removal for a second semester senior would mean he would not participate as an NHS member at Baccalaureate or Graduation.
Moderator: Mrs. Carrie Wegman